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Sout Al Marra Thaura : Music in Movements

In these last years, Arabic feminist movements started fighting sexist harrassement in their own Revolution. They stated: "The Voice of Women is Revolution!" These are feminist artists from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine: political, provocative voices that fill our hearts with strength and hope. They are female hip hop artists from those parts where struggle is tight so Minds are Wide. They are composing and writing, they are explicit and rude, they are loud bitches and they are often wrong and they mean it: Un-apologetic!

Dykes'n Fags

We are here to be gay ! From Grand Dykes to Baby Butches: pioneers and inspirators Chavela and Colette, Black Lesbian Magic and Sounds beyond Binary. Gay greetings to our beloved Faggot Sisters.

Arabic Wom#n in Electro

That is the Lebanese, the electro pop sexy bint al haram Yasmine Hamdan. Her Egyptian daughters take us to electrical evil Skies they are Aya Matwalli and Mai Waleed.

Independance Love

Feminists from Burkina Faso, Queens from Sudan, Queers from South Africa. They are proud and they are loud against Menshit: rebel African Wom#n identity, visibly Queers: Independance is our Lover! ~ Call for SHARING


Let's fly to our rebel sisters to the East: women resisting from Sri Lanka to Iran, Afghanistan to Russia.


Witches have no place and no time. But they have a voice.


All Bad Wom#n here.

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